About Us

What’s TCMrkt.com?

TC Mrkt is an online e-commerce platform that connects Tamil sellers with buyers through a unique multi-channel advertising strategy which ensures that products targeted to a Tamil demographic easily find their core audience.

Why sell on TC Mrkt?

We bring you customers by sharing your entrepreneurial story with the world!

TC Mrkt is a product of TamilCulture.com (TC). TC attracts 50,000+ global Tamil readers monthly, boasts 10,000+ Instagram followers, 34,000+ Facebook fans, 20,000+ email subscribers - all of whom will be exposed to TC Mrkt, and in turn your products, bringing you the exact customers you want.

How does it work?

It’s pretty simple! We’ll work with you to get your products up on our site (this will be automated in the future) and as orders come in, you will receive an e-mail notification prompting you to fill your orders. You’re in complete control of the price you set, what you sell, shipping the orders and communicating with your customers.

On our end, we’ll work diligently to bring you customers, a visually stunning platform to sell and help you with marketing your products - all for a small transaction fee. At the end of each month, we’ll transfer your sales funds (after our fees have been deducted) over to you along with sales reports.

Why do you take a fee?

Like you, we’re also a small business with bills, bills, bills! In order to provide you with this unique platform to find customers for your products and services, along with our marketing services, we charge a small fee.

What can I sell?

Literally anything that you think Tamil customers around the world would want to buy! Of course, nothing that can be considered offensive or illegal please. We reserve the right to make the final call on which products may be sold on TC Mrkt.

How Do I Set Up My Shop?

For now, we’ll manage this manually (an automated solution is around the corner!). You just need to fill out this short form to get started:

Set up my shop.

Have questions? Give us a shout at hello@tcmrkt.com